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Upgrading your Forwarding Service, Email Only package or Web Hosting package

At TransIP you can order a Forwarding Service, an Email Only package and a Web Hosting package for your domain name. This article shows you how to upgrade these packages to a larger package.

  • The Forwarding Service enables you to forward your domain name's visitors to another address. It also allows you to forward email sent to your domain name to another email address of your choosing.

    The Forwarding Service can be upgraded to both an Email Only package and a Web Hosting package.
  • The Email Only package allows you to both forward visitors and create up to 3 email addresses.

    The Email Only package can be upgraded to a Web Hosting package.
  • Web Hosting packages enables you to create both email address and websites. Read the article 'Redirect your website using .htaccess' for more information on forwarding visitors with a web hosting package.

    A Web Hosting package can be upgraded to a larger Web Hosting package.

Upgrade your package via the control panel

Upgrading your current package can be done via the control panel. From your here, visit the tab 'Domains & Hosting' and tick the box next to your domain name.

Next, click on 'Add / Upgrade'.

upgrade your package in your control panel

On the next page you will see the available upgrade options. In our example we're already using a Web Hosting S package. Because of this, we will only be able to upgrade to a Web Hosting L and XL package.

View your upgrade options

Once you've chosen your upgrade option, click on 'Order' and finalize your order.

The upgrade will take place almost immediately. Upgrading an existing Web Hosting package to a larger one will simply add the features of the larger Web Hosting package. The data on your Web Hosting package will not be affected whatsoever.

As we mentioned before, the Forwarding Service and the Email Only package allows you to forward your visitors to another address on the web. When upgrading one of these packages to a Web Hosting package, the forwarding service will no longer be included.

Use the article 'Redirect your website using .htaccess' if you want to forward your domain name after upgrading to a Web Hosting package.

Currently it's not possible to downgrade our packages to a smaller one. If you still wish to downgrade your current package, you will need to manually perform the downgrade.


Read the article 'I want to downgrade my web hosting package' for a step by step guide.

In this article we explained how to upgrade your Forwarding Service, Email Only package and Web Hosting package.

If you have any questions regarding this article, please contact our support team. You can reach them using the 'Contact us' button below or via the 'Contact' button inside your control panel.

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