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Hi there, I just got this message:

A check has revealed that you are using the e-mail address as the main contact address for your account. The domain associated with the e-mail address is also registered in your account. If your domain becomes unreachable for any reason, you would be unable to receive messages from our system. We would then no longer be able to reach you via e-mail and you would, for example, not be able to change the password of your account anymore. We suggest that you change the contact address to an address with an external domain, such as gmail, to ensure you can always receive messages from our system. You can do this in your control panel by following these instructions: After logging in, click on your username in the upper right corner of your screen and select ‘My Account’. You will now see an overview of your contact and billing information. Scroll down to the header ‘E-mail Address’, change your e-mail address and click ‘Save’.

To which I replied:

This is a very good idea and I really appreciate your automated detection of this potential problem, very clever indeed. Might I suggest a somewhat different solution? We have our email integrated in our workflow and I'm quite sure it will almost always work as expected. But a backup email is also important. Wouldn't it be nice if we could add a backup email, which will only receive message if sending to the primary email fails?

Thanks for taking my suggestion into consideration, Han Boetes

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