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/ .tips domain name

/ .tips domain name registration

We have a good tip for you: the .tips domain name extension! The ideal domain name for everyone who does something in the DYI sector., and are just a few examples of the power of this extension

In this way you can show that you have a lot of knowledge about the subject in question and that you would like to share it with everyone. The .tips extension can also do wonders for your visibility in the online search results!


  • 1 year registration
  • Min. 3 characters
  • Max. 63 characters

/ .tips specifications

  • Supported: Transfer

  • Supported: Authorization code

  • Supported: Change registrant details

  • Supported: Change address details

  • Supported: Change nameservers

  • Supported: Change DNS settings

  • Unsupported: Requires local presence

  • Unsupported: Domain lock

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