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ZFS storage

Disks are temporarily provisioned on the ZFS platform.

Big Storage disks

Expandable to 40 TB per disk.

Secondary storage

Easy to connect to your VPS.

/ Lots of storage, for little

Big Storage is unprecedentedly cheap and reliable secondary storage for your VPS. You can attach up to ten Big Storage disks to each VPS, allowing you to expand your VPS storage by no less than 400 TB. This makes Big Storage ideal for, among other things, backup servers, file servers, and media servers.

Big Storage (per 2TB)

/ Attaching to your VPS

From the control panel, you easily attach your Big Storage to a VPS in the same availability zone. You can order Big Storage after the provisioning of your first VPS.

/ Offsite backups

If you want even more assurance, you can expand your Big Storage with offsite backups. This allows for a backup of your entire Big Storage to be stored in a different availability zone every four hours.

/ Need help?

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