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Automatic back-ups

For BladeVPS PureSSD

Free daily backups

Backups are essential to every VPS. Therefore, we already make free backups of every BladeVPS Pure SSD every four hours. This way, with nine backup stalls in total, you could go back a full day.

Weekly backups

It is also possible to substantially increase the retention of your backups. For only 20% of your monthly BladeVPS fee, we will additionally make weekly backups which enables you to go back up till five full weeks!

BladeVPS PureSSD

Weekly backups

  • A backup every week
  • 5 additional backup stalls
  • Recovery up to 5 weeks ago

Offsite back-ups

With off-site backups for BladeVPS your backups are geographically separated from your VPS. For only 20% of your monthly BladeVPS fee your backups will be stored in a different availability zone.


Easy recovery

Every four hours, you can easily restore a backup to your current or new BladeVPS PureSSD through your control panel. Of course it is also possible to restore a backup through the TransIP API.