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How do I forward e-mail to another address?

In order to forward your e-mail you've got three different options. For these options you'll first need to open your mail management page. You can use these instructions also to modify already created mail addresses.

Option 1: Forward an existing mail box.

  • Click on 'mailboxes'.
  • Click on the name of your mail address.
  • Select the box "on" under "mail forwards" and fill in the desired mail address.
  • Click on "Save".

Afterwards all mail sent to this mail address will be forwarded to the mail address you just set. All mail will still arrive in the mail box itself.

Option 2: Create a mail forward.

  • Click on 'mail forwards'.
  • Click on 'create email forward'.
  • Fill the mail address you'd like to forward to in the field behind "email address".
  • Click on 'Save'.

Please mind that you don't need a separate forward address if you've already got a mail address! You'll see a notification that this is also not possible. You can set the options for forwarding the mail address itself under its respective options.

If you've selected "catch-all" you'll create a forward address which forwards all mails sent to your domain for which no mail address exists yet to the set mail address. For example, if you've already got a mailbox or forward for "" mail will only arrive in this mail address and won't be forwarded by the catch all. All other non existing addresses will however be forwarded.

Option 3: Create an email group

Using an email group you can forward one address to multiple different addresses at the same time.

  • Click on "advanced" in the top right
  • Click on "mail groups"
  • Clcik on "Create email group".
  • Enter the desired name of the mail group, the address and all the mail addresses to which these messages will be forwarded.
  • Click on "save".

Please note that you can't create an email group for the same address as an existing forward or e-mail address. You could remove a forward to make place for the email group.

A mail address can't be forwarded to multiple addresses. You could however forward the mail address to the new email group which will then forward the messages.

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