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/ In addition to ISO 9001, TransIP is now also ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified


Nice, but what does this mean?

Our security officers and quality managers are continuously engaged in the safe keeping of the platform and improving the security and quality of TransIP. That is why we have worked very hard to establish a system that ensures the quality and security of our services and allows us to continuously improve on this. This system has recently been audited and successfully passed the inspection. 

We can now proudly inform you that, in addition to ISO 9001:2015, TransIP now has the ISO 27001:2013 and NEN 7510:2017 certificates in its possession! This means that the systems and processes of TransIP meets these (inter)national standards for information security and quality.


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Of course, our security is not done, and it never will be. Our employees work every day to continue to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and strive for the highest possible standards. We always aim to provide a platform that is as secure and reliable as possible. 

We have something to celebrate!

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