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/ Security update: Linux ghost bug


On Tuesday night a vulnerability was revealed in the Linux glibc library. This so-called ‘Ghost bug’ enables attackers to remotely execute code on your VPS. 

Given the severity and nature of this remote-exploit we strongly advise you to upgrade your VPS. 

28-01-2015 10:05: New security patches available

Security patches have been released by several Linux distributions. Below you can read how the different Linux distributions can be patched.

Debian 7 / Ubuntu (older than 13.10) / Turnkey Linux

   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

   sudo reboot

Debian 6 

LTS support should be enabled before updating. Click here for the FAQ on how to update Debian 6

After enabling LTS support execute the following commands:

   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

   sudo reboot


   sudo yum update glibc

   sudo reboot


   emerge --sync
   emerge --update glibc


   pacman -Syu

The following available operating systems are not affected by the ‘Ghost bug”:
Ubuntu 13.10 and up, FreeNAS. , FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Fedora & Windows Server.

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