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The latest version of the TRANSIP API is live and available through our new platform, TransIP for Developers! Our API is the ideal way to automate your control panel actions. For this version of the API, we transferred over from SOAP to the REST-protocol. Among other changes, this means that the API will now return JSON instead of XML. We also added a ton of functionalities. The authentication process has been changed to a token-based system, we have added a test and demo mode, and the whitelist now also accepts IP ranges.

New functionalities

The API resources have been updated heavily, with the VPS and Domain resources receiving the biggest changes. Here’s what’s new and improved:


  • TCP-monitoring. Add TCP monitoring for any of your ports. Set up contacts to receive notifications, as well as a snooze timer for your notifications.

  • VNC. Use the VNC console to connect directly to your VPS.

  • Firewall. Set up a firewall for incoming traffic and combine this with whitelisting rules to grant limited access to your VPS.

  • Mail resources. Use the SMTP relay server for your email traffic. Use the mail resources to gather important information regarding your credentials and the current usage of your mail service.

  • Tags. Use tags to keep all your VPSes apart.

  • Unattended install scripts. Immediately install your preferred OS and any tweaks you want to do as soon as you finish your VPS order.

Domain names:

  • Change contacts. Update your tech or admin contacts separately.

  • Update DNS records. Add or update single DNS entries to your domain.

  • Tags. Add tags to your domain names to easily keep them apart.

  • Retrieve statuses. Request the transfer status or cancellation status for your domains.

We have also made significant updates to the other resources. Firstly, Invoices was added to the API as a new resource. The accompanying features allow you to create a list of all invoices or retrieve one specific invoice, create a PDF version of an invoice, or retrieve information on which products or services belong to a specific invoice. Big Storage was updated with functionalities to order, upgrade or cancel products. Finally, HA-IP gained the option to issue Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificates through the API.

TransIP for Developers

All information regarding the use of our API can be found on the new platform, TransIP for Developers. Read the documentation or check out our GitHub repositories for the TransIP CLI client or our libraries. Do you need help getting started with our API? The Knowledge Base has everything you need to get to work. TransIP for Developers also holds a useful list of tools, libraries and implementations that were built by our own community.


Did you create a tool that uses the TransIP REST API? It might just be worth some wonderful prizes! Send us a message before 11:59 pm on 29 April 2020 with a link to your GitHub repo and a short description of your tool. Your submission will be added to the Community Tools list and you might just be chosen as the winner of amazing prizes! Check out the contest and the terms and conditions at

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