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/ TransIP and IT-Ernity join forces


Today we announce big news that marks a new milestone in our history.

TransIP Group B.V. has acquired IT-Ernity Holding B.V., the internet solutions provider behind the brands Proserve, CloudVPS, Signet, VDX, Webstekker and DDS. This makes us the best hosting and cloud group in the Benelux at a stroke!

Even though all your services will remain unchanged, this acquisition brings many advantages. Henceforth, you will be able to choose between multiple unmanaged and managed platforms that make use of the reliable support and technology you have come to expect from us. What’s more, with the growth in employees, data centres and technical expertise, we will be even better placed to meet your requirements: product updates, new features and more availability zones for the win!

If you have any questions prompted by this newsitem, please send our support team a message from your control panel.

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