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Handle the installation and configuration of your BladeVPS during the order process with Fast Installs. Thanks to smart additions to the process such as cloud-config user data and the option to add SSH keys, you can now easily skip time-consuming steps in the installation and configuration of your VPS’es.

By adding an SSH key to your order, you automatically save and add your key to your VPS so you can log in and get to work on your VPS a lot faster. But if you would rather not use SSH, you can also request a one-time password that you can use once to log in, and immediately replace with a new password of your choosing.


The biggest addition to the order process is the option to use cloud-config user data via cloud-init. This option is ideal when you want to install multiple VPS’es at the same time, or regularly use the same configuration on your servers. Create your own reusable cloud-config with your configuration preferences and settings and add it to your new BladeVPS during the order process. Your VPS will automatically get to work with your installation without you having to keep an eye on it.

Would you like to know how it all works? You can read all about creating a cloud-config file in our Knowledge Base. Or jump to our order process on the website to order your new BladeVPS today.

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